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Annenberg Seminar in History


Seminars will be held on the dates listed below on Tuesdays at 4:30PM in College Hall 209. Papers will be posted and available to download at this webpage two weeks prior to the presentation: Exceptions will be noted below. Papers will be removed at the time of the presentation.

Please direct any questions to the series coordinators, Siyen Fei and Lee Cassanelli.

Fall 2014

September 16

Scott Levi, Ohio State University

"Silk Roads, Real and Imagined: Trade, State and Society in Early Modern Central Asia”

September 30

Richard Kagan, Johns Hopkins University

“The Chronicler v the Count: Law, Libel and History in the Early Modern Atlantic World”

October 14

Sara Byala, University of Pennsylvania

“How Teaching Writing Will Make You a Better Historian”

October 28

Valerie Hansen, Yale University

"The Interconnected World in the Year 1000: the View from China"

This Annenberg is part of the Penn alum series.

November 11

Claire Kaiser and Alex Hazanov,  Penn Ph.D. candidates

“New Perspectives on the Soviet Union under Late Socialism”

November 25

Celebrating department authors:  Dan Richter and David Ruderman

December 9

Nikki Kalbing, Penn Ph.D. candidate

“Crime and Punishment on the Edge of Empire:  Indirect Rule and the Adjudication of Violent Crime in Ovamboland, Namibia, 1920-1954"


Spring 2015

January 20

Lorrin Thomas, Rutgers University

Title TBA

This Annenberg is part of the Penn alum series.

February 2

Rudolph Ware, University of Michigan 

Title TBA

This Annenberg is part of the Penn alum series.

February 16


March 3

Roundtable with Eugene Park, Fred Dickinson, Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania

“Penn Perspectives on East Asia”

March 17


March 31

Molly Greene, Princeton University

Title TBA

April 14

Susan Schulten, University of Denver

Title TBA

This Annenberg is part of the Penn alum series.

April 28

Special Panel in Memory of Stephanie Camp

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