Tentative Schedule

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12 January

Introduction and Organizational Meeting

19 January Native American History: Methods and Problems

Common Reading (on reserve or on-line):

  • Peter Nabokov, “Native Views of History,”  in Bruce G. Trigger and Wilcomb E. Washburn, eds., The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas: vol. I: North America, Part 1 (Cambridge, 1996), 1-60.
  • James Axtell, “Ethnohistory: An Historian’s Viewpoint,” Ethnohistory, 26 (1979), 1-13. 
  • Calvin Martin, “An Introduction Aboard the Fidele,” in Martin,  The American Indian and the Problem of History (New York, 1987), 3-26.
  • Devon A. Mihesuah, “Suggested Guidelines for Institutions with Scholars Who Conduct Research on American Indians,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 17 (1993), 131-139.
  • and as many of the following as possible:
  • Donald L Fixico, ed., Rethinking Indian History (Albuquerque, 1997), chs. 4-6 (articles by Perdue, White, and Wilson)
  • Nancy Shoemaker, ed., Clearing a Path: Theorizing the Past in Native American Studies (New York, 2002), pp. 49-103 (articles by Shoemaker and Für)
  • Donald M. Bahr, “Bad News: The Predicament of Native American Mythology,” Ethnohistory, 48 (2001), 587-612.
  • Raymond D. Fogelson, “The Ethnohistory of Events and Nonevents,” Ethnohistory, 36 (1989), 133-147.
  • Additional Reading

    26 January Mississippian Origins
    Common Reading:
  • Timothy R. Pauketat, Ancient Cahokia and the Mississippians (Cambridge, 2004)
  • Neal Salisbury, “The Indians’Old World: Native Americans and the Coming of Europeans,”William and Mary Quarterly, 3d ser., LIII (1996), 435-458
  • Additional Reading

    2 Feburary From "Pre-History" to "History": Evidence, Methods, Interpretation

    Common Reading:

  • Patricia Galloway, Choctaw Genesis, 1500-1700 (Lincoln, Neb., 1999)
  • Alternate Reading (on reserve):
  • Charles M. Hudson, Conversations with the High Priest of Coosa (Chapel Hill, N.C., 2003) 
  • Additional Reading

    9 February Coastal Algonquians in the Seventeenth Century

    Common Reading:

  • Kathleen Bragdon, Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650 (Norman, Okla., 1996)
  • Helen C. Rountree, The Powhatan Indians of Virginia: Their Traditional Culture (Norman, Okla., 1992)
  • Additional Reading: Chesapeake | New England

    16 February Cultural and Political Encounters
    Common Reading:
  • Frederic W. Gleach, Powhatan's World and Colonial Virginia (Lincoln, Neb., 2000)
  • Alternate Reading (on reserve):
  • Neal Salisbury, Manitou and Providence: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500-1643 (New York, 1982)
  • Additional Reading: Chesapeake | New England | Disease and Ecology

    23 February The Meeting of Native and Atlantic Economies in the Seventeenth Century

    Common Reading:

  • Christopher L. Miller and George R. Hamell, "A New Perspective on Indian-White Contact: Cultural Symbols and Colonial Trade," Journal of American History, LXXIII (1986), 311-328
  • Laurier Turgeon, “The Tale of the Kettle: Odyssey of an Intercultural Object” Ethnohistory 44 (1997) 1-29.
  • Alan Gallay, The Indian Slave Trade (New Haven, 2002)
  • Additional Reading

    2 March Religious Encounters

    Common Reading:

  • James Axtell, “Some Thoughts on the Ethnohistory of Missions,” Ethnohistory,  29 (1982), 35-41
  • Individual assignments from primary sources T.B.A.
    Additional Reading
    9 March Spring Break
    16 March Diplomats, Mediators, Brokers, and Middlepeople, Take I

    Common Reading:

  • Richard White, The Middle Ground (New York, 1991)
  • Additional Reading

    23 March Diplomats, Mediators, Brokers, and Middlepeople, Take II

    Common Reading:

  • James H. Merrell, Into the American Woods (New York, 1999)
  • Additional Reading

    30 March Diplomats, Mediators, Brokers, and Middlepeople, Take III

    Common Reading:

  • Susan Sleeper-Smith, Indian Women and French Men (Amherst, Mass., 2001)
  • Additional Reading: Gender

    6 April Nativism and Cultural Revitalization in the Eighteenth Century

    Common Reading:

  • Gregory Evans Dowd, A Spirited Resistance (Baltimore, 1993)
  • Additional Reading
    13 April Inventing Race in the Eighteenth Century
    Common Reading:
  • Nancy Shoemaker, A Strange Likeness (New York, 2004)
  • Additional Reading: Revolution and Early Republic period

    20 April Reinventing Economies in the Eighteenth Century

    Common Reading:

  • Claudio Saunt, A New Order of Things (New York, 1999)
  • Additional Reading
    27 April A Final Ordeal?
    Common Reading:
  • Daniel K. Richter, The Ordeal of the Longhouse (1992)