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Major Seminars

History 201-206 seminars are open to history majors only during pre-registration. If the course does not reach its enrollment maximum, it will be open to all students beginning with drop/add on a first-come first-serve basis.

HIST 204 Roots of American Empire


Taught as schedule allows (consult the Course Directory)


This course will explore the imperial and colonial impulses that emerged early in the history of the United States and took shape in a variety of ways—ocially, culturally, economically, and politically—across the nineteenth century. We will look at "continentalism" and American expansionism, struggles with Indians east and west of the Mississippi River, abolitionism and social reform, evangelicalism and "manifest destiny," the imperial dimensions of the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the battles for control of the trans-Mississippi West. We end with the Spanish-American War and the revolutionary contexts of socialism and nationalism in which the United States would rise as a world power.

This course has a research component and students will be expected to develop reserach projects on related topics.