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Upper Level Courses

300-400 level courses are on special topics and are more advanced. They often presuppose some basic knowledge in the field and should be more difficult courses than courses at the 1-199 levels. The department is trying to insure that some 400 level courses, although substantially more difficult, are also small in size; they thus may be suitable for graduate students.

HIST 421 History of International Relations since WWI


Taught as schedule allows (consult the Course Directory)

This course will examine the international politics of Europe in the 20th century, the period during which Europe, beset by two devastating wars and the horrific experience of genocide, lost its dominant international position and was forced to adjust to a world dominated by extra-European forces. We will examine the decline and (partial) recovery of Europe's international position with special attention to the contrast between international competition and transnational cooperation within Europe, the impact of the two World Wars, the ambivalent legacy of the Cold War, and Europe's developing role in the post-Cold War world.