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Upper Level Courses

300-400 level courses are on special topics and are more advanced. They often presuppose some basic knowledge in the field and should be more difficult courses than courses at the 1-199 levels. The department is trying to insure that some 400 level courses, although substantially more difficult, are also small in size; they thus may be suitable for graduate students.

HIST 449 God and Nature: Readings on the Encounter Between Jewish Thought and Science


Taught as schedule allows (consult the Course Directory)


God and Nature examines the place of the natural world, medicine, and science in Jewish thought from antiquity to the modern era. It looks especially at a body of primary sources in Hebrew written during the age of the so-called "scientific revolution" and during its aftermath. The course is a seminar open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates with a good reading knowledge of classical Hebrew. Students interested in joining the course should contact the instructor directly for more information.