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Graduate Courses

All courses numbered 500 and above are graduate courses.

Undergraduates need to submit a course permit to enroll.

HIST 620 Issues and Themes in the History of Imperial Russia


Taught as schedule allows (consult the Course Directory)

This course is designed to familiarize students with the historiographical terrain and key works in imperial Russian history. It is intended both for students whose primary field is Russian and for those who are doing a secondary field in Russian history. Knowledge of Russian is not required. Those students focusing on Russian history will be expected to do readings in Russian; the syllabus for those students whose primary field is not Russian history will not require Russian-language readings. Students will read a set of core works each week, but additional readings will be adapted to individual students' interests and exam focus. Topics covered will include the rise of Imperial Russia as a continental land empire; the establishment, maintenance, and abolition of serfdom; the geo-politics of Russia's rise as a great power in the European system; the ideology of the court and nobility; critiques of the imperial system, both conservative and radical; the emergence of the intelligentsia and its worldview; the nature of the Russian empire in comparison with other colonial states; and the system's end in revolution and war. Assignments will include discussion papers; a bibliographic review; and a final 20- to 25-page paper on a major issue or theme in the field.

Course Syllabus (PDF)