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Graduate Courses

Fall 2014 | History Department Courses

All courses numbered 500 and above are graduate courses. Graduate students may also take Undergraduate 400 Level Courses for graduate credit.

Undergraduates need to submit a course permit to enroll.

HIST 585.301 Ethnography and Memory

R. St. George

W 2-5PM

HIST 610.301 Readings on 19th Century US History

S. McCurry

W 2-5PM

HIST 610.302 Native Americans Before Removal

D. Richter

T 10-1PM

HIST 610.303 Historical Perspectives on Law and the Family

S. Mayeri


HIST 620.301 Graduate Readings in Soviet History

B. Nathans

T 1:30-4:30PM

HIST 622.401 Topics in South Asian History

F. Chaudhry

T 5-8PM

HIST 630.401 China's Cultural Revolution in Historical Perspective

A. Waldron

T 1:30-4:30PM

HIST 650.401 History of African Political Economy

A. Young

R 3-6PM

HIST 650.402 Africa at a Crossroad

K. Weitzberg

W 5-8PM

HIST 668.401 History of Law and Social Policy

M. Berry

T 1:30-4:30PM

HIST 670.301 Thinking about the Economy

A. Offner

R 1:30-4:30PM

HIST 700.301 The Study of History

T. Safley

W 9-12NOON

HIST 720.301 Long Reformation in Britain and America

M. Todd

M 2-5PM