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Bruce Kuklick

Professor of American History

Bruce Kuklick

Bruce Kuklick is Nichols Professor of American History Emeritus. His historical interests are broadly in the political, diplomatic, and intellectual history of the United States; and in the philosophy of history. He has won all the major teaching prizes given by the University, including the Senior Class Award. In 2004 he was elected to the American Philosophical Society.

He has written a dozen books among them one on baseball, To Every Thing A Season. His most recent books are Blind Oracles: Intellectuals and War from Kennan to Kissinger published by Princeton University Press in 2006; a biography of African American philosopher William Fontaine, Black Philosopher; White Academy, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2008; and a political history of America, One Nation Under God, published by Palgrave-MacMillan in 2009. With Emmanuel Gerard his latest book will appear from Harvard University Press in the fall of 2014. Death in the Congo: Murdering Patrice Lumumba examines the politics of the Belgium Congo in 1960.

            Kuklick can be reached at his email address. His resume is posted on the web site of the History Department of the University of Pennsylvania.


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Black Philosopher, White Academy Blind Oracles: Intellectuals and War from Kennan to Kissinger A History of the Philosophy of America Religious Advocacy and American History Puritans in Babylon To Everything a Season: Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia, 1909-1970 Thomas Paine: Political Writings The Rise of American Philosophy