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Graduate Students

Matthew Kruer

Ph.D. Candidate

Matthew Kruer


B.A. in History, Arizona State University (2007), M.A. in History, University of Oregon (2009)

Research Interests

Native American slavery in North America and the Caribbean; riot, rebellion, and civil disorder; the history of emotions (particularly the political dynamics of fear); rumors and conspiracy theory.


Early American History, Native American History, and Comparative Histories of Slavery




The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Forging of the Covenant Chain.

Personal Statement

My dissertation project reframes the study of the event that scholars have come to know as "Bacon’s Rebellion.” Most studies have considered the outbreak of violence and disorder in 1676 to be a civil war whose resolution rearranged the internal dynamics of colonial Virginia. And it certainly did. My work, however, considers Bacon’s Rebellion to be only one aspect of an international and multi-ethnic conflict that stretched from Iroquoia to Florida. My work highlights the roots of conflict in the Indian countries, with particular attention to the Iroquois Wars, the early Southeastern Indian slave trade, and the pressures that the Indian countries placed on imperial designs.