M. Susan Lindee

Technology and medicine in the U.S.
Professor, History & Sociology of Science

Amy Kaplan

American studies, U.S. imperialism
Professor, English

Ayako Kano

Modern Japan
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Paul R. Goldin

Chinese Thought
Professor & Chair, East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Marybeth Gasman

19th and 20th century U.S., African-American history
Professor, Graduate School of Education

Talya Fishman

Jewish history
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Rita Copeland

Medieval literature and intellectual history
Professor, Classical Studies and English; Chair, Comparative Literature

Max Cavitch

Early America
Associate Professor, English

David Barnes

19th and 20th century France
Professor, History & Sociology of Science

Richard Kagan

Visiting from The Johns Hopkins University
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