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Founded in 1991, the Penn History Review is a journal for undergraduate historical research. Published twice a year through the Department of History, the journal is a non-profit publication produced by and primarily for undergraduates. The editorial board of the Review is dedicated to publishing the most original and scholarly research submitted for our consideration.

Editorial Board

Alicia DeMaio, 2013, American History

Maddie Shiff, 2013, European History

Brady Sullivan, 2013, American History

Serena Covkin, 2014, American History

Catherine Imms, 2014 World History

Alex Kern, 2014, Diplomatic History

Cole Kosydar, 2014, American History

Elya Taichman, 2014, Diplomatic History

Call for Submissions

The Review welcomes all essays, term papers, and thesis chapters for consideration for publication. The Review prefers, but isn't limited to, original research and work that relies heavily on the use of primary source material. Papers need not have been written for a history course, they just need to address a topic of historical interest. There are no minimum or maximum lengths for papers. Submissions can be sent to the Editorial Board at any time for consideration. Please be sure to include any footnotes, endnotes, and/or bibliography. We look forward to reading your work! Send all submissions to

Latest Issues

For the latest issues of th Penn History Review, please visit:

Join the Team

The Review is a journal of undergraduate historical research that aims to provide a forum for the work of undergraduate historians. The Editorial Board is comprised entirely of undergraduates. Editors are responsible for evaluating student submissions and preparing outstanding papers for publication. Each spring the Editorial Board will issue a call for applicants through the Department of History; interested students should email the Review at these times.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Editors at