Lynn Hollen Lees

Professor of History Emeritus
College Hall 311E
215 898.7404

Lynn Hollen Lees (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1969) is currently co-director of the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies and was chair of the Department of History between 1995 and 2001. Her teaching is primarily in the fields of British history, European social history, and world history, and she has spent time as an exchange professor at University College London, Catholic University of Leuven, and the University of Diponegoro in Indonesia.

Her research centers on European cities, their social organization, and their welfare institutions. In British history she has published Exiles of Erin: Irish Migrants in Victorian London and The Solidarities of Strangers: The British Poor Laws and the People, 1700-1948. Her book, written with Paul Hohenberg, The Making of Urban Europe, 1000-1995, traces long term changes in European urban networks and social organization. Her interest in world history has produced Global Society: The World since 1900 (written with Pamela Crossley and John Servos). She is currently studying British sugar and rubber plantations in Malaya in an effort to understand the growth of a colonial society in southeast Asia.

Courses Taught: 
  • HIST 011 The World: History and Modernity
  • HIST 051 Britain since 1688
  • HIST 212 Rise and Fall of the British Empire
  • HIST 630 Comparative Empires
  • HIST 630 Teaching World History