Gabriel Raeburn

U.S. History
Ph.D. Student

M.A., History, University of Pennsylvania (2018)
M.St., U.S. History, University of Oxford (2015)
B.A., American Studies and Politics, University of Sussex (2014)


Research Interests:

I study American religious and political history, focusing on the rise of the Religious Right throughout the twentieth century. I'm interested in religious groups outside of mainstream evangelicalism who have played a central role in the Prosperity Gospel, the explosion of religious broadcasting in the United States, as well as how these groups interact with modern American politics. 

I'm also working on a side project on radical historians in the United States in the 1970s, particularly Eugene D. Genovese.


Anthea Butler (advisor), Sarah Barringer Gordon, Kevin M. Kruse (Princeton)

Research Interests: 

American Religious History
Twentieth Century U.S. History
History of Conservatism

Courses Taught: 

Teaching Assistant:
Rels 137: Religion and the Global Future (Spring 2019)
Hist 001: Deciphering America (Spring 2018)
Hist 170: History of the American South (Fall 2017)
Rels 112: Religion from the Civil Right Movement to Black Lives Matter (Fall 2016)