The Formation of the Nazi Constituency, 1919-1933

Barnes & Noble Imports

Contentious citadel : bourgeois crisis and Nazism in Marburg/Lahn, 1880-1933 / Rudy Koshar
Between Bauernbund and national socialism : the political reorientation of the peasants in the final phase of the Weimer Republic / Zdenek Zofka
Central control versus regional autonomy : a case study of Nazi propaganda in Westphalia, 1925-1932 / Detlef Mühlberger
Resource mobilisation and legal revolution : national socialist tactics in Franconia / Michaela W. Richter
Violence as propaganda : the role of the storm troopers in the rise of national socialism / Richard Bessel
The Nazi physician's league of 1929 : causes and consequences / Michael H. Kater
Speaking the right language : the Nazi party and the civil service vote in the Weimar Republic / Jane Caplan
The National Socialist mobilization of new voters : 1928-1933 / Jürgen W. Falter
The limits of national socialist mobilisation : the elections of 6 November 1932 and the fragmentation of the Nazi constituency / Thomas Childers