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The History Major - Declaring

As of September 1, 2006, the requirements for the History Major changed. As you use these pages, be certain that you are looking at the material that applies to you.

Declaring the History Major

To declare a major you must first meet with the History Undergraduate Advisor and then your individual History Faculty Advisor. This will require some planning and organization on your part, so if you are planning to declare in time for advance registration, start the process at least two weeks before registration begins.

No prerequisites or minimum GPA are required to declare the History Major. The process consists of these simple steps:

1. See your pre-major advisor and make sure that your Penn InTouch Academic Planning Worksheet has been made official.

2. Review the requirements for the History Major, and familiarize yourself with the other information on this site. Consider which area of concentration, if any, you would like to declare.

Students who officially declared the Major before September 1, 2006, should consult the Old Requirements.

3. Visit the History Undergraduate Advisor during walk-in hours to discuss the major and begin the declaration process.

4. You will be assigned a Faculty Advisor, based on your choice of concentration. Visit your Faculty Advisor during office hours to obtain a signature on your major declaration form.

5. Return the major declaration form to the History Undergraduate Advisor. Only after you have returned this form will your major be officially declared.