Russian History and Culture Workshop


The Penn Russian History and Culture Workshop meets on Mondays at 6pm in 209 College Hall on the Penn campus, unless otherwise noted (Thurs., Oct. 3 at 6:30; and Friday, April 3 at 2PM).  

Contact: Peter Holquist, Department of History

FALL 2019

October 3 (Thursday.) This session only at 6:30PM:

Oleg Kharkhordin (European University of St. Petersburg): "The Neo-Roman Tradition in Russian Republicanism of the XVIII-XIX centuries and Its Relevance Today”


October 28:

Alberto Masoero (University of Turin): "The Siberian Land Survey and the Politics of Spatial Approximation in Late Imperial Russia"


November 18:

Bella Grigoryan (Bryn Mawr), "Who Reads? Paper Politics and Goncharov's Public Circa 1880”




January 27:

Andrew Sloin (Baruch College-City of New York/Institute for Advanced Studies): "The Third Roman Revolt: Imagining Judea in Revolutionary Russia." 

Please find the pre-circulated paper here.


Please note that the February 10 Russian History and Culture Workshop has been cancelled.


CANCELLED-April 3 (Friday), This meeting only 2PM -4PM

Sofya Salomatina (Moscow Lomonosov University) (joint meeting with the Penn Economic History Forum), “Commercial banking in the Russian Empire in 1860-1913: development and markets integration.” 


As usual, following 90 minutes of conversation, those who wish will accompany our guest to a local eatery for an informal dutch-treat dinner.  All papers are circulated approximately ten days in advance so that we can devote our time together to discussion with the author of his/her work, rather than have the author repeat the substance of that work. 

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