HIST670 - TOPICS: TRANSREGIONA HIS: Military & Strategic Analysis for Global Historians

However competent they may be in economic social or other forms of analysis, most historians are largely ignorant of how to study war, and having understood it, how to incorporate it in comprehensive historical analysis. At Columbia in Fritz Stern’s (1926-2016) celebrated seminar on World War devoted its first half to the causes of the war. When that was completed Stern would awkwardly tell the students “to read some standard history” and prepared to examine the consequences. In fact the origins of the war are like a narrow isthmus that brings us to actual fighting. Then it broadens into a huge land mass—it was a “World War” after all, in the course of which all sorts of things happen that cannot be predicted nor understood without close analysis—which the ends, narrowing again to an isthmus, the consequences of the war—of the war, mind you. Keynes should have called his book “The Economic Consequences of the War” but for all his brilliance, he was a non-participant who scorned war in general, and was neither cognizant of his true topic, or how to address it. This course seeks to familiarize historians of all interests (consider the effect of WWI on music and art) with the basic tools of strategic analysis and some military history.
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