Graded Independent Study

Graded independent studies normally involve:

1.     completion of a specific reading or research project

2.     regularly scheduled tutorial sessions with the instructor during the semester

3.     submission of a substantial paper at the end of the term in which the course is taken.

Generally, graduate independent studies are numbered as follows:

  • HIST 910 Independent Study in Early American and American History
  • HIST 920 Independent Study in European and Russian/Soviet History
  • HIST 930 Independent Study in East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian History
  • HIST 940 Independent Study in Middle Eastern History
  • HIST 950 Independent Study in African History
  • HIST 960 Independent Study in Latin American and Caribbean History
  • HIST 970 Independent Study in TransRegional History


For graduate students who wish to pursue a graded independent study, the procedure is as follows:

1.     When you have a clear idea of the topic you would like to study, you should find a faculty sponsor who can supervise your work. Any member of the standing faculty or History Graduate Group (and only these faculty) may offer an independent study to a student at the professor's discretion.

2.     When you and your faculty sponsor have decided upon the topic and terms of your independent study, please complete and return the following form to Joan Plonski in the Department of History Office, College Hall 208, and she will register you for the course.

Independent Study Permission Form (PDF)

Forms to be used by faculty for graduate student progress, please click here.