Affiliated Programs and Centers

Historical Resources at Penn

The resources for historical study at Penn extend far beyond the boundaries of the Department of History. Historians of note can be found in most of the other eleven schools on campus, including:

History graduate students at Penn are also invited to join faculty seminars and colloquia organized by a variety of affiliated Penn research centers, forums, and institutes. Many of these centers offer special lectures, courses, and occasionally aid packages that are of interest to History graduate students.

Scholars with strong historical interests can be found in other School of Arts & Sciences departments and programs, including:

Many faculty members from these departments take an active part in the History Graduate Program at Penn and regularly serve on student advisory committees. Moreover, the Penn Department of History maintains close cooperative ties with history faculty at nearby colleges and universities.

Finally, the Department spearheads the unique Ethnohistory Program, which allows graduate students in History to be engaged in a multidisciplinary concentration allowing for mastery in anthropological and historical methods and issues.