Alberto Gamboa


Ph.D Student

Financial History, Global/Transregional History, Late Modern Iberian American History

Office Hours
R 12.00-1.30 PM COLL 218A

M. A. in International Economics, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva, 2013-2015).

B. A. (Licenciatura) in Economics and Law, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, 2007-2013)

Research Interests

I'm a third year graduate student at the History department. My research interests range from the history of financial capitalism, in general, and more specifically the history of sovereign debt markets, to the ways in which the functioning of those markets generated new international legal rules that affected the definitions of jurisdiction, property and sovereignty in a new international order. I study these dynamics in the Iberian-American world of the early nineteenth century, after Napoleon's invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and the subsequent dismantlement of the Spanish and Portuguese empires in America.

My interests, at large, are:

- History of capitalism
- Financial History
- Sovereignty and sovereign debt
- Late modern Iberian & Latin American History (19th century)
- Liberalism & constitutionalism
- Imperialism & International Law

Courses Taught

T. A. Hist 131 - Financial Meltdowns, Past and Present (Prof. Marc Flandreau, Fall 2017)

T. A. Hist 131 - Financial Meltdowns, Past and Present (Prof. Marc Flandreau, Fall 2018)

T. A. Hist 071 - Modern Latin America, 1801-Present (Prof. Melissa Teixeira, Spring 2019)

T. A. Hist 076 - Africa since 1800 (Prof. Lee Cassanelli, Fall 2019)