2017-2018 Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowships

Graduate students in the History Department received six Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowships for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Please find our awardees, their projects, and their committees below.

Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2017-2018 academic year

Hannah Anderson: "Lived Botany: Households, Ecological Adaptation and the Origins of Settler Colonialism in Early British North America."  Committee: Prof. Kathleen Brown, Prof. Dan Richter, and Prof. Bob St. George.

Ayelet Brinn: “‘What Interests Women?’: The American Yiddish Press and the Reconstruction of Jewish Gender, 1897-1930.”  Committee: Prof. Beth Wenger, Prof. Kathy Peiss, Prof. Ben Nathans, and Prof. Kathryn Hellerstein (Germanic Languages and Literatures).

Caitlin Collis: "Shoulder to Stone: Roads, State Formation and the Construction of Modern Ethiopia, 1850-1990.”  Committee: Prof. Lee Cassanelli (advisor); Prof. Cheikh Babou; Prof. Eve Troutt-Powell.

Josef Nothmann: “Futures' Pasts: The Rise and Fall of Central European Commodity Markets, 1870-1970.”  Committee: Prof. Jonathan Steinberg, Prof. T.M. Safley, Prof. Marc Flandreau (tentative)

Marlen Rosas: “Recording Resistance: Political Narratives and the Power of Indigenous Activists in Twentieth-Century Ecuador."  Committee: Prof. Ann Farnsworth-Alvear; Prof. Daniel Richter; and Prof. Eiichiro Azuma. 

Andrew Starling: “Inside the ‘Kingdom of Letters:’ the Repression of Jansenism and the Origins of Enlightenment.”  Committee: Prof. Alan Charles Kors (advisor), Prof. Roger Chartier, Prof. Joan DeJean (French) and Prof. Antonio Feros.