Dissertation Completion Awards

This year, Grad Division awarded ca. 23 such DCF awards across the School of Arts and Sciences.  Our graduate community has done exceedingly well year, garnering three DCF awards for History graduate students and one DCF award for a student pursuing a joint degree in History and Africana.  The awardees are:

Jooyeon Hahm, for her dissertation, "Family Matters: Unwed Mothers and Illegitimate Children in the Japanese Empire, 1895–1945.”  Jooyeon’s committee members are: Prof. Fred R. Dickinson (advisor), Prof. Ayako Kano, Prof. Siyen Fei, and Prof. Ramya Sreenivasan.

Iuliia Skubytska, for her dissertation, “Raising the Second Generation: Soviet Summer Camps and the Creation of the Late Soviet Subject.”  Iuliia’s committee members are: Prof. Ben Nathans (advisor), Prof. Peter Holquist, Prof. Ann Farnsworth-Alvear and Prof. Kevin Platt.

Holly Stephens, for her dissertation "Agriculture and Development in an Age of Empire: Institutions, Associations, and Market Networks in Korea, 1876-1945."  Holly’s committee members are: Prof. Eugene Park (advisor), Prof. Fred Dickinson, and Prof. Walter Licht.

Natalie Shibley (History and Africana), for her dissertation “"Sexual Contagion: The Politics of Sexuality and Public Health in the U.S. Military, 1941-1993.”  Natalie’s committee members are: Prof. Barbara Savage (advisor); Prof. Kathy Peiss;  and Prof. Dorothy Roberts.