Five Graduate Students Receive Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowships for the 2018-2019


Phillip Mogen: “Unstable Histories, Uncertain Presents: Rethinking the Past and Recognizing the Present during the British Civil Wars, 1638–1660”

Committee: Margo Todd (advisor); Roger Chartier; Antonio Feros; Peter Stallybrass

 Sam Stark: “The Eighteenth Brumaire in Europe and America, 1852-1940”

Committee: Warren Breckman (advisor), Roger Chartier, Vanessa Ogle  

 Drew Starling: “’Theological Quarrels and Wars of the Pen’: Jansenism, the Rise of Mass Media, and the Fall of the Old Regime”

Committee: Sophia Rosenfeld (advisor), Roger Chartier, Alan Charles Kors, and Joan DeJean. 

 Thomas Stevens: “’For What Did We Fight?’: Demobilized Soldiers in the Soviet Union from Civil Wars to Collectivization”

Committee: Benjamin Nathans (advisor); Peter Holquist; Vanessa Ogle; Roger Chartier

 Paraska Tolan:  “Poetics of Panafrican Power: Creating Cultural Panafricanism in the Maghreb (1965-1975)”

Committee: Cheikh Babou (advisor), Eve Troutt Powell, Lydie Moudileno (USC)