Four History Department received Dissertation Research Fellowships


Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year

Juan Pablo Ardilla-Falla: “Enthroning the Constitution: Colombia's Early Experiences of Citizenship and Nation, 1808-1830”

Committee: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear (Advisor), Roger Chartier, Antonio Feros, Amy Offner

Chelsea Chamberlain:  “Diagnostic Clinics and The Problem of Human Defect in Progressive America”

Committee: Kathy Peiss (Advisor); Sally Gordon; Beth Linker (HSS)

Greg Loh: “The Meaning of Japanese American Citizenship: Loyalty, Identity, and Belonging in the United States, 1918-1945”

Committee: Eiichiro Azuma (Advisor); Kathy Brown; Frederick Dickinson

Mia Schatz:  “Constructing the Communist West: Debates on Socialist Transition and the Postwar Project to Conquer Society, 1945-1989”

Committee: Warren Breckman (advisor), Sophia Rosenfeld, Roger Chartier