Congratulations to our DRF Recipients

Th following History students are reciptients of  2019-2020 Dissertation Research Fellowships from Penn's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, listed here with their current dissertation titles and committee members:


  • Juan Ardila, "In the Name of Fear: A History of Emotions and Citizenship in Early Nineteenth-Century Colombia"
    • Ann Farnsworth-Alvear (chair), Roger Chartier, Antonio Feros
  • Michael Brinley, "Plan the City, Whither the State?: Soviet Coordinated Decentralization in the Era of Developed Socialism"
    • Ben Nathans (chair), Peter Holquist, Sophia Rosenfeld, Domenic Vitiello
  • Geoff Durham, "By What Measure?: "Standards of Evaluation in the Russian Empire, 1775-1861"
    • Peter Holquist (chair), Ben Nathans, Amy Offner, Sophia Rosenfeld
  • Xiaobai Hu, "Unruly Mountain: Ming Empire in the Sino-Tibetan Borderland"
    • Siyen Fei (chair), Fred Dickinson, Christopher Atwood (EALC)
  • Rich Lizardo, "Worlds of Spanish Poverty: Theory and Practice from the Reformation to the Enlightenment"
    • Antonio Feros (chair), Sophia Rosenfeld, Roger Chartier
  • Kyle Repella, "Human Capital: Strategies of Slaving in the Colonial Delaware Valley, 1620-1760"
    • Dan Richter (chair), Kathy Brown, Sally Gordon
  • Tom Stevens, “For What Did We Fight?: Demobilized Soldiers in the Soviet Union from Civil Wars to Collectivization” 
    • Peter Holquist (chair), Ben Nathans, Vasily Chapaev (RSDRP)
  • Anna Todd, "The Ties That Bind: Illegitimacy in Early America"
    • Kathy Brown (chair), Dan Richter, Kathy Peiss
  • Paraska Tolan, “’Between Their Hands a Fabulous Geography is Born’: The Maghreb Generation, Decolonization and the Struggle for African Unity” 
    • Cheikh Babou (chair), Eve Troutt Powell, Roquinaldo Ferreira
  • Sarah Yu, “Hygienic Reform for Communal Health in Republican China, 1912–1949”
    • Arthur Waldron (chair), Eiichiro Azuma, Alex Chase-Levenson
Congratulations to all!