Anna Leigh Todd

Ph.D. Student

My primary research interests concern colonial and early American history with an emphasis on gender, sexuality, race, and law. I am drawn to the ways in which sexual behavior influences social relationships and cultural norms, and to the role of intersecting identities of gender, class, and race within those interactions. Previously I have studied the phenomena of female sexual recidivism in colonial New England as a lens through which to view issues of agency, sexual vulnerability, and the nature of law. Out of this project arose my current research focus on the cultural connotations and consequences of illegitimacy and the ways in which various identities mediate access to legitimacy.

Advisor: Kathleen Brown

Committee Members: Kathy Peiss, Dan Richter




M.A., University of Connecticut (2014)
B.A., summa cum laude, University of Southern Mississippi (2013)

Research Interests

Colonial and early American history, history of sexuality, history of the body, race, gender, class, cultural and social history, early American print culture