Chelsea D Chamberlain

Ph.D. Student

Committee Members: 

Kathy Peiss (Advisor)

Sally Gordon

Beth Linker


BA in History- Whitworth University, 2012
MA in History- University of Montana, 2015

Research Interests

My dissertation will explore the rise of diagnostic clinics in the early twentieth century US, spaces in which medical and social work professionals sought to sort America's children into the normal, the curably abnormal, and the incurably defective. By focusing on the lives and motivations of the parents and children who visited the clinic, I investigate how clinicians and everyday people negotiated the hierarchies of moral, physical, and intellectual capability that determined individuals’ rights, responsibilities, and access to an unsupervised life.

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant: Survey of Early American History, Survey of Modern American History, History of the American South to 1865, Modern American Culture, History of the American West