Gabriel Raeburn

Gabriel Raeburn

Ph.D. Student

U.S. History

Gabriel Raeburn studies American religious and political history, focusing on the rise of the Religious Right throughout the twentieth century. He is interested in religious groups outside of mainstream evangelicalism who have played a central role in the Prosperity Gospel, the explosion of religious broadcasting in the United States, as well as how these groups interact with modern American politics. 

Gabriel is also at work on a side project on radical historians in the United States in the 1970s, particularly Eugene D. Genovese.

Committee: Anthea Butler (advisor), Sarah Barringer Gordon, Kevin M. Kruse (Princeton)


M.A., History, University of Pennsylvania (2018)
M.St., U.S. History, University of Oxford (2015)
B.A., American Studies and Politics, University of Sussex (2014)

Research Interests

American Religious History
Twentieth Century U.S. History
History of Conservatism

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant:
Rels 137: Religion and the Global Future (Spring 2019)
Hist 001: Deciphering America (Spring 2018)
Hist 170: History of the American South (Fall 2017)
Rels 112: Religion from the Civil Right Movement to Black Lives Matter (Fall 2016)