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Ph.D. Candidate


Jennifer Yuk Lum Yip obtained her B.A. (Hons., Highest Distinction) in History in her home country at the National University of Singapore, where she was also a part of the University Scholars Programme. She then completed a Master of Philosophy in World History at the University of Cambridge. 

At the University of Pennsylvania, Jennifer is pursuing her PhD with a specialization in twentieth-century Chinese military history. She has taken comprehensive exam fields in the histories of modern China and modern Japan, and has a strong foundation in the history of strategic thought. She is especially interested in the influence of logistics on the outcome and experiences of modern warfare. Her dissertation focuses on the Chinese Nationalist government's grain procurement and transportation policies during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945). It demonstrates that the movement of grain was the lynchpin of the three-way struggle among the Nationalists, Chinese Communists, and Japanese. More broadly, it locates modern China in the global history of military logistics, which has conventionally emphasized Euro-American experiences. 

Dissertation Committee Members: Arthur Waldron (advisor), Frederick Dickinson, Fei Siyen, Harold Tanner (University of North Texas)


B.A. (Hons) in History (Highest Distinction), University Scholar's Program - National University of Singapore (Singapore)

MPhil in World History - University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Research Interests

Military history, strategic thought, food and nutrition, the study of logistics, Second Sino-Japanese War, war and nationalism in Republican China, China and international law, imperialism in Asia

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant for: East Asian Diplomacy (HIST395); Africa Since 1800 (HIST076); American Capitalism (HIST161)

Grader for: War, Strategy and Policy (HIST160)

Selected Publications

Pandemic as Total War? Mental and Material Lessons, Divided We Fall, April 21, 2020