Nimrod Ben Zeev

Ph.D. Candidate

Eve Troutt Powell

Personal Statement:

I am interested in the ways in which sensory and bodily experiences shaped inter-communal relations and the formation of national communities in 20th century Palestine. I focus on the sensory and bodily experiences of physical labor, the role of the senses in defining shared and contested spaces, and representations of the senses, the body and the sensory in culture.

My dissertation focuses on the sensory and bodily history and the political economy of construction work, the construction industry, and the built environment in Palestine/Israel from the British mandate period to the late 20th century.



B.A., summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University, 2012
M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Research Interests

Modern Middle Eastern History, British Mandate Palestine, Partition, Sensory History, Labor History, Cultural History.