Paraska Tolan Szkilnik

Ph.D. Candidate

Maghreb and Africa


Pennfield Dissertation Research Award, Summer 2018

AIMS Multi-Country Research Grant 2017-2018

FLAS Year-long Award for the Study of Arabic 2015-2016


B.A., Brandeis University, Boston
M.A in History, EHESS, Paris

Cheikh Babou (advisor)
Eve Troutt Powell
Lydie Moudileno

Moving away from the strictly political approach of much of the literature on panafricanism, my dissertation reconsiders the history of panafricanism in the postcolonial period by centering on three Maghrebi cultural spaces of encounter between Black and non-Black African and Diaspora artists in the late 1960s and early 1970s: the Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (JCC), the Moroccan literary journal Souffles, and the Panafrican Festival of Algiers of 1969 (PANAF).

Research Interests

Modern African history, Modern Middle Eastern history, Atlantic World, history of panafricanism, histories of race, cultural history, intellectual history, history of literature, history of film.

Selected Publications

Paraska Tolan Szkilnik. “The Quest for a Pan-African Groove: Saxophones and Stories from the Pan-African Festival of Algiers (1969).” World Art, issue forthcoming.

Paraska Tolan Szkilnik. “Flickering Fault Lines: The 1969 Pan-African Festival of Algiers and the Struggle for a Unified Africa.” in Monde(s). 2016/1 (N° 9).