Seok-Min Yun

Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Committee:

Margo Todd (Advisor)

Ann Moyer

Antonio Feros

Title of Dissertation:

Utopia Uncovenanted: James Harrington's Commonwealth of Oceana (1656) and the Remaking of Anglo-Scottish Relations

Papers Presented:

"Anything but Presbyterianism: Oceana and Religious Toleration in Cromwellian England." The American Society of Church History, Chicago, Illinois. January 2019

"The Failure of English Presbyterianism: A Case Study in the Classical Movement of the County of Lancashire, 1647-1658." The American Society of Church History, Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 2015

"Corporation Unbound: A New Perspective on the Legal Dispute between the Hull Trinity House and the Company of Merchants, 1664-1665." The North American Conference on British Studies, Minneapolis, Minnesota. November 2014


B.A. in Philosophy; English, Highest Honors, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea (2006)

M.A. in English, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea (2011)

Seminar Participant in the Summer Course, "The Huguenots and the Gueux: The Construction of Reformed Churches and the Politics of the Reformation in France and the Low Countries, 1555-1610," at l'Institut d'histoire de la Réformation, Université de Genève, Switzerland (2014)

M.A. in History, University of Pennsylvania (2015)