Xiaobai Hu

Xiaobai Hu

Ph.D. Candidate

Asia, Trans-Regional, Frontier, Urban


"Unruly Mountains: Transformative Encounters in the Chinese-Tibetan Corridor, 1368-1600"

This dissertation investigates the fundamental roles of the Chinese-Tibetan Corridor in catalyzing geopolitical reshuffle between China, Mongol and Tibet. From 1368 to 1600, the corridor morphed from a middle ground of material and religious exchange to a contested zone where ethnic tension intensified clash over natural resources and political hegemony. Such a transformation was primarily driven by the active participation of the corridor society. Focusing on four types of encounters pertaining to material exchange, religion, ethnicity and border-crossing, this dissertation reveals the agency of border zone subalterns in macro-region geopolitics and challenges the grand narrative of Ming China as an autocratic, Confucian, proto-nationalist and territorial-defined regime. 


M.Phil., History and Anthropology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2014) BA., Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing University (2012)


Late Imperial & Modern China, Comparative Empires and Imperialism, Modern Japan


Siyen Fei (Advisor)

Christopher Atwood

Frederick Dickinson

Research Interests

Late Imperial China,
Sino-Tibetan Interaction,
Comparative Frontier History,
Urban History and Culture


Graduate Representative of Society of Ming Studies
Member of The Association for Asian Studies
Member of The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies

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