Daniel Cheely


Leadership Hall 1A

Dr. Daniel Cheely lectures in the History Department of the University of Pennsylvania.  In addition, he also serves as the Perry Family Scholar of History, Religion & Culture in Penn’s Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society, as well as the Associate Director of the Fox Leadership Program and the Executive Director of the Collegium Institute. He received his master’s and doctorate in history from the University of Pennsylvania and his bachelor’s degree in History from Princeton University. Prior to Penn, he taught in the Chicago Public Schools for Teach For America.

Dr. Cheely’s teaching interests include the intellectual pathways to and possibilities of the modern world, as well as its relationship to religious history. His research has focused on the Renaissance, Reformation, and early modern Catholicism, tracing the evolving shapes of religious communities through historical interactions with the most popular books of the period – books which crossed the divisions of the Reformation. 


Courses Taught

HIST 234 Catholic World, Medieval to Modern: A Global History

HIST 415 The 17th Century Revolution: Intellectual Origins of Modernity

HIST 201 Tolerance, Then & Now

HIST 201 The Scriptures in World History

WRIT 049 304 Worlds Old & New, beyond 1492

WRIT 049 307 Galileo: Religion, Science, and Modernity