Research Prizes

Every spring, the Department of History recognizes the best research papers written in history courses, as well as the best honors theses. 

Department of History Undergraduate Research Award Winners 2017

Adolph G. Rosengarten, Jr. Prize for the most outstanding Honors thesis:
David Murrell
Gone Viral: the Role of the Press during the Dreyfus Affair


Lynn M. Case Prize for the best Honors thesis in European history:
Julia Fine
“Art Treasures” and the Aristocracy: Public Art Museums, Exhibitions, and Cultural Control in Britain, 1805-1862


Thomas C. Cochran Prize for the best Honors thesis in American history:
Hannah Fagin
A Long Hot Summer: the Columbia Avenue Race Riot and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Philadelphia


Dorian Ledbetter
“Unhallowed Bonds”: Interracial Sex, Rape, and the Law in the Antebellum Carolinas


Hilary Conroy Prize for the best Honors thesis in World history:
Daniel Thompson
Defrocking Cuba’s Clergy: the Catholic Church’s Struggle for Autonomy in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1961


Captain Victor Gondos, Jr. Prize for the best research paper or thesis in military or diplomatic history:
Sarah Samuels
“An Outstanding and Unusual Contribution:” the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars


Jeanette Nichols Prize for the best research paper or thesis in Gender history or Social history:
Mariana Pavia
"What Was Lost in the Fire: Analyzing Representations of the Bogotazo"


James V. Saporito Memorial Prize for the best undergraduate research paper or thesis in Intellectual and Cultural history:
Logan Staller
Hugh Broughton, the Cantankerous Christian Hebraist: a Case Study in Sixteenth-Century Jewish-Christian Boundaries and Borrowing


Jack Reece Prize for an outstanding undergraduate research paper in European history:
Cosette Gastelu
“A Mutineer he lived:” Acts of Mercy for Mutineers in the Parliamentarian Army


Gussie Wachs Prize for an outstanding undergraduate research paper in American History:
Joseph Kiernan
The Age of Infrastructure: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Progressive Civil Religion


Martin Wolfe Prize for an outstanding undergraduate research paper in World history:
Grant Kleiser
More Tears for the Indians: Anglo-Carib Relations in the Colonial Caribbean, 1625-1680

Submission Guidelines

Students are invited to submit research papers for these annual awards at any time during the year. All submissions should be e-mailed as a single PDF file to the History Undergraduate Advisor. Students do not need to designate the award for which they are competing. The faculty prize committee will determine the papers' suitability for the various awards. Prizes are awarded annually in the spring; the annual deadline will vary slightly according to date of Commencement. 

2018 deadline: Wednesday, March 14 at 12:00 noon.

Additional Awards

Students who have completed a thesis (honors and non-honors) are also encouraged to submit them for Phi Beta Kappa prizes. For more information, please consult the College of Arts & Sciences website. 

The Rose Foundation gives awards to undergraduates (and their advisors) for outstanding research projects (after they are completed). For more information, please consult the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships website.