“The Origins and Futures of the Modern Research University”

Emily Levine, Stanford University

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Mae M. Ngai, Columbia University The Chinese Question. The Gold Rushes and Global Politics

Mae M. Ngai, Columbia University

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History Speaking

Mia Bay, Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Chair in American History
1619 and 1776: The American Revolution in Black and White

Russian History and Culture Workshop

Brian Kim (Assistant Professor, REES, UPenn
Fashioning the Foreign: Language, Value, and Identity in Imperial Russia

Russian History and Culture Workshop

Kristen Ghodsee (REES, UPenn), Mitchell Orenstein (REES, UPenn)
Presentation on their book Taking Stock of Shock: Social Consequences of the 1989 Revolutions

History Speaking

Walter McDougall, Professor of History, Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations
American Heresies: Civil Religion and Foreign Affairs since 1776

Pasteur's Empire: Tuberculosis and Bacteriological Technopolitics in France's Empire

Aro Velmet, University of Southern California-Dornsife

History Speaking

Jared Farmer, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History
How Climate Change Changed Time

Russian History and Culture Workshop

East Coast Graduate Seminar
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