Past Events

POSTPONED-Annenberg Seminar in History

Celebrating New Faculty Books Published in Spring 2020

CANCELLED-Penn Economic History Forum

The Invention of Entrepreneurship

CANCELLED-Penn Economic History Forum

Inclusive American Economic History: Containing Slaves, Freedmen, Jim Crow Laws, and the Great Migration

CANCELLED-Kaplan Memorial Lecture

The Need for Strangers: A Story of Love and Loathing

CANCELLED-Annenberg Seminar in History

Morphology and History: A Conversation

CANCELLED-Joint Meeting: Penn Economic History Forum and Russian History and Culture Workshop

Commercial banking in the Russian Empire in 1860-1913: development and markets integration

CANCELLED-Joint Seminar: The McNeil Center for Early American Studies and The Department of History UPenn

A Penn Graduate Training in History in the Making of One Scholar's Career

CANCELLED-The Cradle of Words: Language and Knowledge Making in Early Latin America

Latin American and Latino Studies/Department of History

CANCELLED-Penn Economic History Forum

Business as Political Action: the Ford-GM Rivalry in the 1920s and the Limits of ‘Embeddedness’

CANCELLED-Annenberg Seminar in History

Empire as Domus: Households and Legalities of Small Wars