Serena Mayeri

20th century U.S., constitutional and legal; women and gender
Professor of Law and History

Victor H. Mair

Chinese literature and culture
Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

M. Susan Lindee

Technology and medicine in the U.S.
Professor, History & Sociology of Science

Amy Kaplan

American studies, U.S. imperialism
Professor, English

Ayako Kano

Modern Japan
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Paul R. Goldin

Chinese Thought
Professor & Chair, East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Marybeth Gasman

19th and 20th century U.S., African-American history
Professor, Graduate School of Education

Talya Fishman

Jewish history
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Rita Copeland

Medieval literature and intellectual history
Professor, Classical Studies and English; Chair, Comparative Literature

Max Cavitch

Early America
Associate Professor, English
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