Projit Mukharji

Projit  Mukharji

Associate Professor, History & Sociology of Science

Research Interests

Postcolonial Technoscience

Colonial Medicine

Indigenous Medical Traditions

Subaltern Science

Everyday Technologies

Race Science

Selected Publications

2014"/ Vishalyakarani as E. Ayapana: Retro-Botanizing, Embedded Traditions and Multiple Historicities of
Plants in Colonial Bengal, 1890-1940", /Journal of Asian Studies,/ 73:1, pp. 65-87.

2014"/From Serosocial to Sanguinary Identities: Caste, Transnational Race Science and the Shifting Metonymies of Blood Group B, India c. 1918-60", /Indian Economic and Social History Review/ 51:2, pp. 143-76.

Forthcoming"/ Swapnaushadhi: The Embedded Logic of Dreams and Medical Innovation in Bengal", /Culture, Medicine, Psychiatry.

2013"/Munisipal Darpan/: Imagining the Embodied State and Subaltern Citizenship in 1890s Calcutta", /South Asian History & Culture, /4:1, pp. 1-17.

2013"In-Disciplining Jwarasur: The Folk/Classical Divide and the Transmateriality of Fevers in Colonial Bengal", /Indian Economic and Social History Review,/ 50:3, (2013), pp. 261-88.//

2012"The 'Cholera Cloud' in the Nineteenth Century 'British World': History of an Object-without-an-essence", /Bulletin of the History of Medicine, /Fall, 86, pp. 303-32.

2009/Nationalizing the Body: The Market, Print and Daktari Medicine/. Anthem Press: London.