19th century

Eiichiro  Azuma

Eiichiro Azuma

Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies

215 898.6698

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Mia Bay

Mia Bay

Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Chair in American History

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Mary Berry

Mary Frances Berry

Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought, Professor of History

215 898.9587

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Kathleen M. Brown

Kathleen M. Brown

David Boies Professor of History

215 898.5281

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Lee  Cassanelli

Lee Cassanelli

Associate Professor of History

215 898.8443

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Image of Alex Chase-Levenson

Alex Chase-Levenson

Assistant Professor of History


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Jared Farmer

Jared Farmer

Professor of History

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Image of Ann Farnsworth-Alvear

Ann Farnsworth-Alvear

Associate Professor of History

215 898.5704

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Marc Flandreau

Marc Flandreau

Howard Marks Professor of Economic History


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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Barringer Gordon

Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History

215 898.3069

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Sarah L. H. Gronningsater

Sarah L. H. Gronningsater

Assistant Professor of History


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Peter Holquist

Peter Holquist

Ronald S. Lauder Endowed Term Associate Professor of History: Graduate Studies Chair

215 746.0201

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Walter  Licht

Walter Licht

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History

215 898.5097

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Walter A. McDougall

Walter A. McDougall

Professor of History, Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations

215 898.2185 or 0452

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Image of Benjamin Nathans

Benjamin Nathans

Alan Charles Kors Endowed Term Associate Professor of History

215 898.4958

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Sophia  Rosenfeld

Sophia Rosenfeld

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History


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Beth S. Wenger

Beth S. Wenger

Moritz and Josephine Berg Professor of History Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

215 898.5702

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Conor Donnan

Ph.D. Candidate

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VanJessica Gladney presenting on the Penn and Slavery Project the Penn Spectrum Weekend 2019

VanJessica Gladney

History Ph.D. Candidate Patterson Graduate Fellow 2019-2020 ; Secretary for the William Fontaine Fellowship Society; Digital Historian for the Penn & Slavery Project, test

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Alex Royt

Ph.D. Student Gondos-Beers Graduate Fellow

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