Lee Cassanelli

Lee Cassanelli

Associate Professor of History

African History

215 898.8443

College Hall 215B

Lee Cassanelli teaches African history and historiography, the history of foreign aid in Africa, and comparative world history. His research interests focus on the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) from the 18th to the 20th century.  Books and monographs include The Shaping of Somali Society 1600-1900; Victims and Vulnerable Groups in Southern Somalia; a co-edited collection on The Struggle for Land in Southern Somalia: The War Behind the War;  and 'Hosts and Guests':  A historical intepretation of land conflicts in southern and central Somalia.


He is currently working on a collection of essays on the uses of the past in contemporary political and cultural debates in the Horn of Africa, exploring how individuals and communities rethink and remake their histories in times of war, displacement, and resettlement.  This includes research on history and memory in Somali refugee and diaspora communities in eastern Africa and oversseas.


Courses Taught
  • HIST 001 The World: History and Modernity
  • HIST 076 Africa since 1800
  • HIST 206 Uses and Abuses of History
  • HIST 372 History of Foreign Aid in Africa
  • HIST 489 Africans Abroad
  • HIST 650 Classic Debates in African Historiography
  • FRESHMAN SEMINAR:  Africa in World History