Eiichiro  Azuma

Eiichiro Azuma

Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies

215 898.6698

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Mary Berry

Mary Frances Berry

Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought, Professor of History

215 898.9587

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Brent Cebul

Brent Cebul

Assistant Professor of History


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Ann Farnsworth-Alvear

Associate Professor of History Undergraduate Advisor, Latin American and Latino Studies

215 898.5704

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Siyen  Fei

Siyen Fei

Associate Professor of History; Undergraduate Studies Chair

215 898.5125

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Antonio Feros

Antonio Feros

Rose Family Endowed Term Professor of History; Department Chair

215 573.9241

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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Barringer Gordon

Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History

215 898.3069

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Sarah L. H. Gronningsater

Sarah L. H. Gronningsater

Assistant Professor of History


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Walter  Licht

Walter Licht

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History

215 898.5097

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Benjamin  Nathans

Benjamin Nathans

Alan Charles Kors Endowed Term Associate Professor of History

215 898.4958

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Image of Amy Offner

Amy C. Offner

Associate Professor of History


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Daniel K. Richter

Daniel K. Richter

Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Professor of American History

215 898.9251

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Karen Tani

Karen Tani

Seaman Family University Professor

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Beth S. Wenger

Beth S. Wenger

Moritz and Josephine Berg Professor of History Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

215 898.5702

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Thomas Max Safley

Thomas Max Safley

Professor of History Faculty Fellow, Harrison College House

215 898.2186

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Profile picture

Juan Pablo Ardila

Ph.D. Candidate

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A casual headshot of Feigh with a patterned scarf and

Lacy Noel Feigh

Ph.D. Candidate 2020-21 Perry World House Graduate Associate

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Lila Rice Goldenberg

Ph.D. Candidate Sarah Mitchell Fellow for the Study of European History

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photo before reservoir

Marian (Molly) Leech

Ph.D Student Ralph Shay Graduate Fellow


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Seated portrait

Makiki A. Reuvers

PhD Candidate Davies Fellowship Graduate Fellow 2020-2021

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Marlén Rosas

Marlén Rosas

Ph.D. Candidate

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