Paige E. Pendarvis

Paige Pendarvis

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Sophia Rosenfeld

I study modern European history, with a focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century France and its empire. At the broadest level, I am interested in the historical construction of norms and knowledge. I'm particularly interested in how concepts of responsibility, nature, and property illuminate shifting political and social norms and environmental knowledge. I am also interested in the history of historical thinking, especially that of the early Annales School. Currently, I am developing a project that traces the intersections of environmental knowledge and legislation and the emergence of the welfare state in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century France.

Prior to Penn, I attended the University of Chicago, where I earned a B.A. with highest honors in History and a minor in Philosophy. 

This year, I am serving as co-organizer of the department's Graduate Colloquium, a biweekly forum for graduate students to workshop articles, dissertation chapters, conference papers, etc.


B.A., History (with honors), University of Chicago (2016)

Research Interests

Modern Europe (1750-1945), particularly France and its empire; history of (political) concepts; the historical construction of norms; history of social welfare and the welfare state; history of historical thinking; history of the human sciences; environmental history; intellectual and political history; twentieth-century philosophy and political theory

Courses Taught

HIST 174: Capitalism, Socialism, and Crisis in the Twentieth-Century Americas (Fall 2019)

HIST 313: The French Revolution and the Origins of Modern Politics (Spring 2019)

HIST 081: The History of the Modern Middle East Since 1800 (Fall 2018)