Dan Premawardena

Dan Premawardena

Ph.D. Student

Dan is interested in the history of higher education, specifically colonial and early republican era colleges, and the relationships between boards, faculty, and presidents. He is interested in how the organizational development of higher education institutions was shaped by the religious and intellectual environments of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He focuses on contemporary and historical education as a joint Ph.D. student in the History department and in Penn GSE's Education, Culture, and Society (ECS) Program.

Before coming to Penn, Dan researched the history of German and American university relationships during the middle of the 19th century at the University of Bonn. He researched and focused on curriculum, active learning, and assessment at the University of Michigan in his master's of higher education. 

Advisors: Jonathan Zimmerman and Emma Hart


M.A., Higher Education, University of Michigan (2018)

M.A., Ecumenical Studies, University of Bonn (2016)

B.A., History and Political Science, University of Michigan (2015)

Research Interests

history of American education; history of American higher education; transatlantic intellectual history; religious history; early antebellum American history; early modern intellectual and religious development


University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education - Education, Culture and Society Program