Alex Royt

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Ph.D. StudentGondos-Beers Graduate Fellow


Alex Royt studies the cultural and economy history of late imperial Russia and the Soviet Union. He is interested in the history of banking and accounting in the centrally planned economy. His current research examines how Soviet industrialization was financed in the turn to the first Five-Year Plan. His previous research examined how the structure of Soviet foreign policy was shaped by the rescue of the gold exchange standard during the 1920s.


Advisor: Peter Holquist

Committee Members: Peter Holquist, Ben Nathans, Marc Flandreau, Warren Breckman.


M.Sc., International and World History, London School of Economics, 2018
M.A., International and World History, Columbia University, 2018
B.A., History and German (with honors), Binghamton University, 2016

Research Interests

Soviet History, European History, Global History, Financial History, Modern European Political Thought.