Razan Idris

Ph.D Student

My research is on the history of the legal doctrine of al-kafa'a fil nasab ("equivalence of lineage or bloodline") in Muslim marital legal texts, historical rulings, and living communities. I am interested in what al-kafa'a fil nasab reveals about different narratives of "bloodline", race, and social hierarchy in Muslim communities, and particularly in Afro-Arab communities in Sudan, Morocco, and Mauritania. Currently, I am investigating the Egypt-based religious debate over al-kafa'a fil nasab in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

I am the curator of the #SudanSyllabus, an open project on Sudanese social and cultural history.

Advisor: Eve Troutt-Powell


B.A., International Comparative Studies and Political Science, Duke University (2018)

Research Interests

Race, gender, and social hierarchy.
Islamic legal texts and court practices.
African and Middle Eastern Muslim religious history.