Arielle Xena Alterwaite

Ph.D. Student

Arielle Alterwaite is a first year PhD student studying intellectual history and the history of medicine and race in the Atlantic world, with a focus on the French Caribbean and the urban United States. 

Arielle received her B.A. in Philosophy and History from Columbia University, where she was awarded the Lily Prize for the best senior thesis in history on a non-US topic, titled, "Medical Imaginaries and the Emergence of Biopolitics on the Saint Domingue Plantation." She is currently working on a project that looks at how humor and race appear in nineteenth-century medical literature of New York City's bourgeoisie. 


B.A., History (honors) and Philosophy, Columbia University, 2018

Research Interests

medicine and science; slavery; gender; race; humor; the Atlantic World; economic and cultural history; intellectual history; 18th and 19th century French, Caribbean and American history