Marc Flandreau

Marc Flandreau

Howard Marks Professor of Economic History

Economic history; Financial crises and the information economy; Experts, expertise and policy making


College Hall 215 A

Marc Flandreau, Howard S. Marks Professor of Economic History 

A world-renown historian of finance and money, Flandreau is a leader in the quantitative history of monetary regimes, exchange rates, financial crises, central banks, rating agencies and sovereign debt. Before joining Penn where he holds a secondary appointment at the Wharton School, Flandreau was Chair of International Finance at Sciences Po, Paris, and later a Professor of Economics and History at the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva.

His academic background doubles up with real-world expertise. He has worked extensively with central banks and international organizations and was chief economist with Lehman Brothers France (2002-2008). He is currently member of the Policy Panel of the Bank of International Settlements and advises the BIS macro-historical data project, Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics.

Flandreau has published many articles in scholarly journals, and authored several books including The Glitter of Gold: France, Bimetallism and the Emergence of the International Gold StandardMoney Doctors: The Experience of International Financial Advising 1850-2000The Gold Standard in Theory and History (with Barry Eichengreen); and The Making of Global Finance 1880-1913 (With Frédéric Zumer).

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Ph.D. in Economics, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris