Edward (Teddy) Chappell

Awesome photo of Teddy by his amazing fiancé Kaitlyn

Ph.D. Candidate

My dissertation will use wine and viticulture as a lens to explore entwined histories of knowledge, culture, and economics in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Tuscany. Looking at sources ranging from Francesco Redi's poetic catalogue of Tuscan wines to the 1716 laws that demarcated wines zones like Chianti and regulated their production, I seek to understand how and why Tuscan intellectuals, policy makers, and merchants sought to garner both cultural prestige and commercial success at home and abroad with wine. 

Committee: Ann Moyer (chair), Marcy Norton, Margo Todd, and Ada Kuskowski 


M.A., History, University of Pennsylvania (2019)

B.A., History and English summa cum laude, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2016)