Genevieve Tan


Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Frederick Dickinson

My research interests center around gender, sexuality, and family in twentieth-century East Asia.

I previously examined how the Japanese "good wife, wise mother" ideal was promulgated in colonial Taiwan through a women's magazine named Taiwan Fujinkai. My latest project focused on the legalization of intermarriage within the Japanese empire—a product of the changing post-World War I global order and Japan's attempt to set itself apart from European powers.

Office Hours
Thursday 10:00-12:00

B.A., Cultural Studies, Nagoya University, 2018.

Research Interests

Gender, sexuality, and family

Twentieth-century East Asia

Cross-cultural intimacies in modern empires

Citizenship and naturalization

Urban and print culture

Selected Publications

"How Taiwan is using same-sex marriage to assert its national identity," Washington Post, June 26, 2019.